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Payroll Services in Roanoke, Offered By 360 Tax Solutions, LLC

We provide the best payroll services in Roanoke VA, to any size business. While focusing on providing a convenient and simpler process, we provide our client’s with the resources to easily pay their part-time and full-time employees.

Basic Aspects of Payroll Providers

The biggest benefits of hiring our payroll services is you can evaluate the payroll tax payments, calculation, and year-end to end tax forms. We work as a team; as a result, we provide complete payroll services in Roanoke, VA.

At 360 Tax Solutions, we provide a variety of payroll services that include the following aspects:

  1. Processing of payroll: With the help of software, we automatically calculate the employee’s pay period. The system accounts also calculate their holiday pay., different shift pay, taxes and social security deductions. In the end, the working payments of employees directly transfer into their accounts.
  2. File and taxes record: We provide the service in which employees taxes deduction is automatically deducted. As well as filed quarterly, and withholding payroll tax are included.
  3. The way of new reporting: On behalf of government rule, payroll report is included. We know how to deal with the employee’s accounts and we prefer to work hard to provide your company with all the details that are essential to the successful operation of a business.
  4. Work with best integration level: We provide the service that can integrate the different related programs that are already in use by many businesses, like time, attendance, and human resource software.
  5. Paid time off management system: We manage the time-off payment while tracking the records of employees, this will include sick hours, vacation time, as well as how many hours employees work.
  6. Provide the reports access: We provide detailed labor and wage reports, so you can look deeper into the financial condition of your business.

Features of Hiring Us For Your Payroll

  • Easy to use: We provide easy and effective services. We ensure that our service has an interface that is simple to sue, so you can easily run employees payroll and add more.
  • Cost effective: Our service comes within your budget means; we provide a cost-effective service that businesses can easily afford. Depending on the needs of your business, we offer both month to month and long-term service.
  • Enhance business reputations: We provide our service with the backing of an established track record, so you feel safe and secure. We know how to manage company issues, which can occur at any time and can help you overcome them accordingly.
  • Best support system: Our service is seamless so that you will never face any integration problems, we provide the support and assistance that you need while our representatives always know when to contact.
  • Best outage: Our service will lead you to the highest levels of satisfaction through the use of the cloud-based system. We have the ability to put your business at the top level so that your business runs effectively.
  • Queries: We will answer your questions adeptly. These queries may include questions like:

Payroll Service That Meets and Exceeds Your Goals

Our main goal is to provide our clients with a payroll service that satisfies all of their business needs adequately and professionally.

Are you spending time and losing money trying to calculate and process employee payroll in Roanoke VA?

Think about it for a minute – how much time do you spend on this task? Not only for cutting the checks or processing the direct deposits, but also the reporting necessary data for tax compliance?


For less than the cost of a daily fancy coffee habit. Or a weekday lunch and dinner purchase at a diner, we can do it for you – and guarantee accuracy.

We handle everything from processing every employee’s paycheck or their direct deposit to creating all the forms you need. With the payments required already produced for you to simply approve with a signature or click. So you don’t have to. If your employees are salaried, we can do this automatically until you request a change. If your business has hourly employees, you simply provide us their logged time at the end of the week and we take care of everything else.

We offer some of the lowest rates in Roanoke and Lynchburg. With a high level of attention to detail and quick responses to your calls or emails few others can claim.

Consider how much easier your life as a business owner could be with the help of a company that can provide affordable payroll and support so that your time is freed up for other business matters. Then consider the peace-of-mind that comes from a professional handling of all of your tax reporting. and payment mandates. Does that sound liberating? Give us a call at (540) 562-0123. We’ll come to you for a free consultation with no sales pitches or pressure. Discover the difference we can make for your business, reach out today.