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360+, the financial industry’s smartphone

You’d have a pretty tough time running your business from a dumb phone today. A decade from now, people will be wondering how companies survived when manual accounting was the norm. Why wait? Artificial intelligence financial services applications are here today. We integrate this with oversight from our team of financial industry professionals.

This is bleeding-edge stuff. The beauty of this solution, though, is it saves everyone time and money. That means your cost to get in early is probably less than you’re currently paying a bookkeeper or accountant. Plus, you’ll be able to get current reports in almost real time. When’s the last time your accounting firm or bookkeeper could provide that? Probably never.

AI in financial services is here now. You can manage it all from your smartphone too!

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360+ is super secure. Our proprietary software dovetails with our professional staff of QuickBooks Pros, CPAs, and EAs who keep a constant eye on your books. It can manage all your financial needs including bookkeeping, reconciling, compliance work, payroll, investment concerns, and more. The service automatically interfaces with QuickBooks and other financial tools you’re already using.

Trying to run a business or a wealthy household with manual entry into spreadsheets or accounting software is going to start feeling like using a dumb phone soon. Just because most are still stuck on the old ways doesn’t mean it’s smart. Once you experience what it’s like to incorporate AI into this task, you’ll wonder how anyone can live without it.

This technology, like the smartphone, can simplify your life. It lets you focus more on where you’re truly needed in the business. Plus, the service increases bookkeeping accuracy, and gives you more time for family and other personal priorities.

360+ origins

Michael Shelton, owner of 360 Wealth Consultants, has an advanced technology history as an intelligence professional serving in the US Navy. Before founding his company, he gained keen insight during his tenure as a top performer in the corporate sector of the accounting and financial services industry. He realized something was missing.

There had to be an easier and less expensive way for small business owners to get the reports and other financial information they needed quickly and accurately. Could there be an AI solution to automate some of this work while improving accuracy, speeding up the input process, and reducing double entry waste? He was convinced this could be done. So, he set out to create an answer.

He took his Navy intelligence knowledge and Fortune 500 accounting and financial services industry experience to create the 360+ concept. COVID-19 provided the time and space to develop a concept that integrated the flexibility, accuracy, and convenience of AI technology with a system that ensured effective oversight from his team of respected financial professionals. The answer he found is landmark.

360+ isn’t for everyone, but for the right business, it’s a blessing.

Are 360+ AI financial services right for you?

The product works best for micro to mid-level businesses. The ideal fit for this innovative AI & professional financial team combination service is a privately-held firm with at least $250,000 in annual revenue. This dovetails with some of our other business services.

Business owners in the construction, healthcare, legal, and real estate rental & management industries will find this a perfect solution for their varied needs. These fields in particular should see significant savings in lower taxes, reduced operating costs, streamlined compliance reporting, quicker billing, and more accurate and timely accounting. Of course, 360+ will work for other businesses too, but this innovation is ideally suited for companies in these areas.

If you want to get in on this revolutionary solution this year, we’re offering special pricing for trendsetters. Artificial intelligence financial applications work for those who just want to save headaches, time, and money on financial matters too. Our introductory packages, available to those who sign a 12-month contract. Schedule your free discovery session today.